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It’s amazing how we’ve been around so long and yet still discover so much about our little island-home. So don’t miss out, you wouldn’t want to. Follow us as we explore fun and exciting happenings around the country.

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  • Souvenir Ideas for the Budget Traveller

    Souvenir Ideas for the Budget Traveller

    After spending a year overseas, I was faced with the daunting effort of buying souvenirs home. You'd have thought spending a long time in a country would earn you insights to making good gift-gifting. But chances are that if like me, you’re the sort to put much thoughts into buying souvenirs back for friends and family. Then we both understand how the whole process is nothing short of an emotional roller coaster race against time and budget – all that, from something that started off with well-meaning and intention.

  • Asobi: Living Playing Pottery

    Asobi: Living Playing Pottery

    It shouldn’t come as a surprise really, if I told you pottery-making feels like clumsy fumbling with a sweaty lump of play-doh. But only more awkward since it’s been years since playing with one – let alone attempt to produce something respectable. My “pot” – let’s call it that, is too heavy, it’ll probably make for an anchor on a ship in an ocean somewhere. Huiwen gently suggests that I “stretch out the nozzle and thin out the sides”, while Kenneth, her husband offers to remove layers from the inner walls.

  • Building a Website for Backpackers

    Building a Website for Backpackers

    Translated as featured on Lianhe Zaobao, dated 21/05/2015, Pg 14, by Zhang Yaokuang Daniel Ong (Businessman, 25, right) and Shaun Lee (Marketing Program Specialist, 25) went on an impromptu backpacking trip to Vietnam together three years ago and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Their passion for backpacking led them to start the website Backpack Singapore (, an online guide offering tips for backpackers visiting the country.

  • BPSG x Teeteeheehee

    BPSG x Teeteeheehee

    “I ate MacDonalds like three times this week already,” Teresa says, “Don’t judge!” We were queuing up for a 3pm lunch, an unplanned detour if not for the passing rain. “I like Fish Fillet and McSpicy,” she divulges shyly, before being waved forward by the cashier. Teresa puts on no airs. She is likable like that, down-to-earth and open about her life and work. At 24, her pieces have been showcased around the world, and she has collaborated with brands H&M and Swarovski.

  • A Millionaire in 45 Minutes

    A Millionaire in 45 Minutes

    The millionaire dream of yours is not that far away. Step foot onto Batam Island and that’s what you’ll become – a millionaire. In Indonesian Rupiah, that is (IDR1,000,000 = S$105). A 45-minute ferry ride away from Singapore, the small Indonesian island is perfect for a quick, budget-friendly weekend getaway. In fact, I spent less than S$100 during my two days there.

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